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September 4, 2013 – Bear Valley Trail at Point Reyes

This enjoyable hike was led by Doreen Smith to create a plant list for the northern parts of the Bear Valley Trail at Point Reyes.
This was a short, gentle, slow-paced hike with the goal of listing the plants found along the trail at this time of year. We saw and identified ferns, fruiting wildflowers, trees and shrubs.
We were especially looking for the locally rare shrub, Euonymus occidentalis (Pawnbroker Bush), but did not find it until after most had left.

Bear Valley Field Trip IMG 3047sm Euonymus occidentalis IMG 3074sm
Searching for plants in the creek. Euonymus occidentalis (Pawnbroker Bush)


July 7, 2013.

Doreen Smith led a hike to Bull Point marshes, which was well attended with contingents from Napa and Sonoma chapters. We saw a host of plants including some uncommon and rare ones. Some of the plants seen were Clarkia davyi (small-flowered Clarkia), Epipactis gigantea (stream orchid), Leptosiphon grandiflorus (large-flowered linanthus), and Lilium maritimum (coast lily). We also saw the Point Reyes Silverspot butterflies on the Monardella undulata var. nigrescens (sand-dune coyote mint).

Photos by Vernon Smith

Field Trip IMG 0335sm Clarkia davyi IMG 0502sm
Bull Point Trailhead Clarkia davyi (small-flowered Clarkia)


Epipactis gigantea IMG 6918sm Leptosiphon grandiflorus IMG 0770sm
Epipactis gigantea (stream orchid) Leptosiphon grandiflorus (large-flowered linanthus)


Lilium maritimum IMG 1242sm Speyeria zerene puntareyes IMG 9316sm
Lilium maritimum (coast lily) Point Reyes Silverspot butterflies on the Monardella undulata var. nigrescens (sand-dune coyote mint)

June 18, 2013.

Vernon and Doreen Smith report that Spiranthes porrifolia (Western Ladies-tresses) and Navarretia viscidula (Sticky Navarretia) were blooming at Lake Lagunitas.

Photos by Vernon Smith

Spiranthes porrifolia sm Navarretia viscidula IMG 0318sm
Spiranthes porrifolia (Western Ladies-tresses) Navarretia viscidula (Sticky Navarretia)


June 10, 2013.

Vernon and Doreen Smith report that Lupinus arboreus (Yellow Bush Lupine) was in fine bloom on the Kehoe Beach trail.

 Photos by Vernon Smith

Kehoe Beach IMG 1758sm Kehoe Beach IMG 1759sm
Lupinus arboreus (Yellow Bush Lupine) Kehoe Beach Lagoon

February 24, 2013

James Sprague reports: “Trilliums are emerging from the soil in the shade of the redwoods, on the Bootjack Trail out of Muir Woods. Saw them first on Wednesday February 20th and again yesterday on the 23rd.”

TrilliumJS2 thumb

Trillium ovatum