Streptanthus glandulosus ssp. pulchellusphoto by Peter DenisevichRhododendron occidentalephoto by Peter Denisevich

Streptanthus glandulosus ssp. pulchellus, Rhododendron occidentale – click on images for full photo
May 28, 2011
Peter Denisevich reports: “On a cool and showery May 28, 2011, Streptanthus glandulosus ssp. pulchellus is blooming in the middle of the Liberty Trail in serpentine below Oat Hill Fire Road, MMWD, and a few western azaleas, Rhododendron occidentale, are blooming on the Old Sled Trail between Little Carson Falls and Oat Hill FR, MMWD.

Layia chrysanthemoidesphoto by Vernon SmithLayia chrysanthemoidesphoto by Vernon SmithLeptosiphon androsaceusphoto by Vernon SmithStreptanthus glandulosus ssp. secundusphoto by Vernon SmithCastilleja rubicundula ssp. lithospermoidesphoto by Vernon SmithLepidium latipes var. latipesphoto by Vernon Smith
May 25, 2011
Doreen and Vernon Smith report: “Just hiking the beginning of the trail near the Big Rock or taking a glance at the site if parked by the roadside is worth the trip. Lucas Valley Road is one of the best wildlflower drives in the County right now.
These pictures are of plants from the serpentine-soil exposure at the top of the hill on Lucas Valley Road: smooth tidytips, Layia chrysanthemoides; Lavender showers, Leptosiphon androsaceus; white pearl jewelflower, Streptanthus glandulosus ssp. secundus; Creamsacs, Castilleja rubicundula ssp. lithospermoides and the rare-in-Marin cress, Lepidium latipes var. latipes.”

Calochortus tiburonensisphoto by John ConleyCalochortus tiburonensisphoto by John ConleyChlorogalum pomeridianumphoto by John ConleySilene californicaphoto by John Conley
Calochortus tiburonensis, Chlorogalum pomeridianum, Silene californica – click on images for full photo
May 22, 2011
John Conley reports: “Calochortus tiburonensis is just beginning to bloom. There are quite a few plants in bud, but only a very few were seen in full bloom on Sunday. The additional photos are of the Soap Plant (or Soap Lily), Chlorogalum pomeridianum, and the Indian Pink, Silene californica, in bloom on Ring Mountain.”

May 13, 2011
Sue “Mazer” Mace reports: “Lucas Valley Road west of Big Rock, partial list (most along southside of road) – Red Larkspur (Delphinium nudicaule), Iris (white), paintbrush, CowParsnip, Woodland Star, Solomon’s-seal, Chinese houses, Ceanothus (pale blue), bee plant, nightshade
“Loma Alta Open Space at Big Rock – Owls clover, Tidy tips, Jewelflower (abundant), Clover, California poppy, Seep spring Monkeyflower, Madia, Tarweed, Fringepod, Blue Eyed grass, Linanthus, Gilia, Cream cups, Hill Lotus
“Lucas Valley Road at pull outs East of Big Rock – Whitewhorl lupine, purple bush lupine, bee plant, Iris (white in color), Ookow, Seep spring monkeyflower…”

Romanzoffia californica
photo by Robert Hall
Mist Maiden Romanzoffia californica – click on images for full photo

April 20, 2011
Bob Hall reports: “Biked down the Kent Lake Pump Trail. Some wildflowers are showing (along with the Osprey in it’s nest). Best for me was seeing California Mist Maiden. Here’s the rest of the list: Scarlet Larkspur, Woodland Star, Hound’s Tongue, Mission Bells, Iris, Manroot, Morning Glory, Blue Dicks, Star Lily, Bush Poppy, Indian Warrior, Huckleberry, Redwood Violet, Modesty, Giant Trillium, False Solomon’s Seal, Columbine, Bicolor Lupine, Fringe Cups, Milk Maids, Lomatium, Redwood Sorrell, Bee Plant and Chinese Houses.”

Layia chrysanthemoidesMt. Burdellphoto by Vernon SmithTriphysaria versicolor ssp. faucibarbataMt. Burdellphoto by Vernon SmithDelphinium variegatumMt. Burdellphoto by Vernon Smith
Tidytips, owl’s-clover, and royal larkspur – click on images for full photo

April 20, 2011
Doreen Smith reports: “Some Mt. Burdell wildflowers that are flowering now near the San Carlos Drive Open Space entrance, especially on the serpentine outcrops: Tidytips, Layia chrysanthemoides; butter and eggs, Triphysaria versicolor ssp. faucibarbata; owl’s-clover, Castilleja densiflora; royal larkspur, Delphinium variegatum and bitter-root, Lewisia rediviva. There are several different species of clover there too, Trifolium spp., for anyone wants to do some Marin Flora keying practice!”

Trilium chloropetalum var. chloropetalum
Steep Ravine Trail above Route 1
photo by Charles Higgins
April 17, 2011
Charles Higgins reports:
“This Trilium chloropetalum is a gem that is (or was) just 300 feet from Shoreline Highway east on the Steep Ravine Trail. There are about twenty or so. Glorious. Thanks for organizing the wonder.”

Fritillaria affinisBarth's Retreat, Mt Tamphoto by James SpragueFritillaria affinisBarth's Retreat, Mt Tamphoto by James Sprague
April 17, 2011
James Sprague reports:
“Mission Bell (Fritillaria affinis) on abandoned trail out of Barth’s Retreat, Mt Tam.”

Calochortus tolmiei Abbotts Lagoon public trailphoto by Doreen SmithRanunculus orthorhynchus var. platyphyllusAbbotts Lagoon public trailphoto by Doreen Smith
Calochortus tolmiei, Ranunculus orthorhynchus var. platyphyllus – click on images for full photo
April 17, 2011
Doreen Smith reports from Saturday’s Mary Moser Memorial Hike at Abbotts Lagoon with an updated full species plant list which includes the native spp. we saw that are now flowering,”

Erysimum franciscanumMarin Headlandsphoto by Doreen SmithArabis blepharophyllaMarin Headlandsphoto by Doreen SmithDelphinium decorumPt. Reyes Lighthouse areaphoto by Doreen SmithPhacelia insularis continentisPt. Reyes Lighthouse areaphoto by Doreen SmithFritillaria affinis var. tristulisPt. Reyes Lighthouse areaphoto by Doreen SmithFritillaria affinis var. affinis forma robusta Chimney Rock Elephant seal trailphoto by Doreen Smith
April 4, 2011
Doreen Smith reports from the Marin Headlands and Pt. Reyes Peninsula:
“The former has displays of showy exotics of the “Lighthouse-keepers gardens” near the Pt. Bonita access. There are some Erysimum franciscanum and a few natives on the rocky slopes there. By the Headlands Art institute buildings are many plants of showy Arabis blepharophylla on the N-facing slope.
“The Pt. Reyes Lighthouse area has Delphinium decorum, Lasthenia californica, Phacelia insularis continentis, Iris douglasiana, Nemophila menziesii var. atomaria, Fritillaria affinis var. tristulis, etc.
“The Chimney Rock Elephant seal trail has Viola adunca, Lathyrus vestitus, Fritillaria affinis var. affinis “forma robusta”.”

Scoliopus Bigelovii
photo by Alison Trotta-Marshall
March 3, 2011
Alison Trotta-Marshall reports: “I saw a lot of these Scoliopus Bigelovii on the Cataract Trails Hike just this past Sunday 2/27/11.”

February 23, 2011
Doreen Smith reports: “After a cold, wet week a sunny Sunday brought out the early wildflower seekers on Mt. Burdell, Novato. Thirty different species were discovered in bloom.&quot
Photos and plant list of Ca. native taxa seen flowering on Mt. Burdell.

Mimulus douglasiiphoto by Vernon SmithMimulus douglasiiphoto by Vernon SmithTetrapteron graciliflorumphoto by Vernon Smithtaraxia ovataphoto by Vernon Smith
February 13, 2011
Doreen Smith reports:”Vernon (he took the pictures) and I visited the sunny S. slopes of Mt. Burdell today to prepare for my next Sunday’s scheduled Marin CNPS outing. I just hope the weather will be kind to the flowers and to anyone who turns up for the walk. We saw the best display of purple mouse-ears, Mimulus douglasii, I’ve ever seen there – plus 23 other species of natives already in bloom. The genus Camissonia has been split-examples of the new interpretation are the genera given to the two Suncups pictured.”

Trillium ovatum
photo by Margaret Partlow
February 6, 2011
Margaret Partlow reports: “saw a little Trillium today up on Hoo-Koo-E-Koo trail about a third of the way up from Crown Road. “

Scoliopus bigeloviiphoto by James SpragueScoliopus bigeloviiphoto by James Sprague
February 5, 2011
James Sprague reports: “A thousand Scoliopus bigelovii popping out of the Earth and blooming on a slope just above the picnic tables at Laurel Dell on the Cataract Trail. This phenomena happens every year at this time.”

February 5, 2011
Sue “Mazer” Mace reports from Wintergreen Trail, Terra Linda Velley, Loma Alto Open Space: “I found loads of Fremonts Camas Lilies, [Toxicoscordion (Zigadenus) fremontii.] in bloom, some redmaids and some Blue Dicks.”

claytonia gypsophiloidesphoto by Amelia Ryancastilleja foliolosaphoto by Amelia Ryanpedicularis densifloraphoto by Amelia Ryanarctostaphylos montanaphoto by Amelia Ryan
January 30, 2011
Amelia Ryan reports: “Claytonia gypsophiloides was blooming as of January 23rd in serpentine shale along Oat Hill Fire Road. Also blooming was Garrya elliptica, Cardamine californica, a few Arctostaphylos glandulosa, and a single Castilleja foliolosa.
“Along San Geronimo Fire Road on January 29th Pedicularis densiflora, Arctostaphylos montana, and Lomatium dasycarpum were beginning to flower. “

January 27, 2011
Faith Brown reports: “Masses of Pedicularis densiflora are popping up on the Woodoaks Trail, just off N. San Pedro Road, past the JCC. Many are just opening, so they should be spectacular by next week.”

Arctostaphylos manzanitaphoto by Doreen SmithBlennosperma nanumphoto by Doreen SmithToxicoscordion (Zigadenus) fremontiiphoto by Doreen Smith
January 23, 2011
Doreen Smith reports: “Mt. Burdell Open Space Preserve usually has some of the earliest wildflowers that can be found in Marin. At the moment there are Cardamine californica and large shrubs of Arctostaphylos manzanita about the rocks to the N.E. of the San Andreas Dr. entrance.
“West of the San Carlos Drive entrance are Blennosperma nanum, Lepidium nitidum, Ranunculus californicus and Toxicoscordion (Zigadenus) fremontii. There are even a few early Lasthenia californica in the fenced- off-from grazing section to the S. of the fire-road.”

Scoliopus bigelovii
photo by Peter Denisevich
January 20, 2011
Peter Denisevich reports: “Scoliopus bigelovii are blooming (and some are slinking their pods already) above Carey Camp Creek, Cascade Canyon, Fairfax, MCOSD.”

Aristolochia californicaphoto by Vernon SmithCardamine californicaphoto by Vernon SmithGarrya ellipticaphoto by Vernon Smith
Arctostaphylos virgataphoto by Vernon SmithGrindelia stricta platyphylla  thumbHeracleum maximumphoto by Vernon SmithRubus ursinus.jpgphoto by Vernon Smith
January 1, 2011
Doreen and Vernon Smith report: “First flowers of 2011: 1. Along Lucas Valley Road, west of the housing developments. They are all at pull-outs, so there’s no need to botanize at 35 mph! Aristolochia californica, Cardamine californica, Garrya elliptica
2. Pt. Reyes peninsula, all seen west of Inverness. Arctostaphylos virgata , Grindelia stricta, Heracleum maximum, Rubus ursinus “